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It has been an occasional, and sometimes frequent respite…a place to go to shut out an increasingly insane world and find peace, comfort and happiness in adoration of what I consider to be better women from better times. In some small way, this is akin to my Church. Any gal who makes me think of Lynda Carter has something going on, no doubt about it. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing many of you on the other side. VG Shrine Migration Given the decision of Tumblr to ban the content it is primarily known for, I will be joining other connoisseurs of fine nude photography elsewhere. It is evident that there is no need for me to continue here.

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Lilianna. Age: 24.
50s nudes tumblr

I will be reconstructing the previous content posted here on Tumblr, as best as I am able to figure things out with groups and all that.

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Keyla. Age: 28.
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The Vintage Life

I use a different platform for that purpose, when I want to engage in soul-crushing reality. All I know is that she was one of many burlesque dancers who fought the fight against indecency laws in the s. I had thought to just call it all a wash. And believe it or not, I find hope…hope that some of what was may yet again be. This blog has been a small hobby for me. I am thankful to those who have chosen to communicate with me in the past, particularly to the established figures who wished to know my intent for the Tumblr post-apocalypse. It is evident that there is no need for me to continue here.

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