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It is common for twinking items to be traded at good values due to persistent demand. The character can also attempt to obtain the best possible item per equipment slot available to that specific level. A twink in this usage is a type of powergamer and munchkin. A player who engages in such behavior is known as a twink. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Formally, twinked characters 81 are ones that have acquired equipment that they couldn't ever have obtained through the normal channels; in EQ 's case, this means killing monsters and trading with other characters.

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twin twinks

Battlegrounds often had twinks playing for both factions, Horde and Alliance, leveling the playing field to an extent, but winning and losing could be grossly influenced by which faction fielded fewer twinks.

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It can also be done by equipping the character with the best possible gear for their level range, and filling them with end-game enchantments. By competing at the highest level allowed in the battleground bracket, and equipped with the best possible gear, twinks played with a significant advantage over regular players. However, because of the large twink communities, especially at lower level brackets, battlegrounds were often filled with organized teams of twinks competing against each other. It is common for twinking items to be traded at good values due to persistent demand. These twinked characters would then return to low-level PvP areas to fight significantly disadvantaged opponents. Its exact origin is unclear. The word "twink" appeared in the Ultima Online: Renaissance playguide in the glossary of terms copyrighted in

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