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Zayn blinks, brows furrowing. It was a strange but fascinating wonder to hear their voices while still miles away, but more importantly it was just nice to be able to even talk to them again after so long even if it was rather faraway and tinny-sounding, like yelling at each other through a windy cave. Zayn parks his bike in the alley around back and they come in through the side door all grins, eyes immediately searching out Louis and the others. Anonymous asked: Eye ring is back!!! Originally posted by fromthemotionpicture.

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Madelynn. Age: 20.
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Just enough to take the edge off and make it a little more tolerable for a little longer.

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Maya. Age: 31.
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They can find something else for him to make up for it later. But then he remembers how miserable an existence that must be, only ever finding fulfillment in the fake compliments and even faker botoxed smiles of people who are only ever really looking to befriend you for something to gain. He gets up for another drink, flashing smiles and meting out the minimum amount of handshakes and polite exchanges of small talk to still be seen as cordial as he makes his way through the ever-increasing throng of people on the floor and over to the bar. Anyways, not looking to take you away from your very important work, just looking for Louis. Anonymous asked: can you explain the whole niall or liam drama please I don't follow that many blogs to know the full story :. Liam and Zayn cruise back into their favorite city thrumming with excitement. On the screen are two pictures of Liam side by side posing in the mesh shirt, one with a hand resting over his bum and the other with his back arched as he deftly feels himself up a bit.

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