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apartments where viners live
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Want more videos like this? Follow Digg on Vine and make us rich!!!!!! In a stunning development on Wednesday although not one that will change the eventual outcome of the trial , Mitt Romney announced that he will be voting to convict the President on the first article of impeachment, abuse of power. In the Python 3 Complete Bootcamp, you'll learn this language by building 15 real projects. Now Murfie's assets belong to a startup named Crossies. Zeus the husky has a very funny way of telling his owner he needs his water bowl refilled.

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apartments where viners live

The Motorola Razr isn't officially out yet, but its launch is already a lesson in mismanagement and piss-poor execution.

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James Corden Visits The Stupidly Extravagant Home Of The World's Top Vine Stars

This city, where daylight entered only in patches and dank moisture pervaded the streets, was flawed and complicated, but it was also extraordinary. Gus Johnson reenacts the decision-making processes that those people who post those vapid motivational memes on their Facebooks go through. With Adobe Sign you can stop chasing down signatures and get documents signed in minutes — not days. Is it as good as "Wonder Woman" or as disappointing as "Suicide Squad"? Then its founder left the country, leaving behind a wreckage of unpaid workers, bankrupt franchisees and others struggling to make it work. Every day we send an email with the top videos from Digg.

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