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sonic exe x amy
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Sign In Don't have an account? We need to use the stones, so they will do all the work for us! Tails: WH-what did you do with the girls?? I will show Exetior who the real god is here! I never cared what they thought.

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Blakely. Age: 32.
sonic exe x amy

Rosy decides to escape from him and goes to Exetior's base, where she develops a crush on him and leaves them after a short amount of time.

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Adalynn. Age: 20.
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Amy Sonic X - Amy Rose Sonic X

You said she was useless in every way. I don't know where you came from, piece of shit, but I'm sick of your stupid, scared fox faces! Rumor has it that some of these stones were destroyed. Sark: So they are completely useless? Most of the men became too stupid and Horny after demonization He is an evil demonic entity as well as Exetior's former co-worker and right-hand assistant. She's mine, and you better get out of here, or you'll be in big trouble!

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