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On a side note, you were going to shave in the shower, right? After another minute of chaos, Alex sprung up from the couch, grabbed the towel from a still laughing Clover, and gave it to Sam. Sam desperately tried to cover up with her hands, while Danielle was a blushing mess, unable to look away while at the same time trying not to look. Her figure was lean, she has a nice ass, and…while she does need to shave a bit I will admit, I liked what I saw in the basement too. Before she had time to process what happened, Clover grabbed the knot on the back of her towel and pulled it causing the knot to come undone and the towel to fall at Sam's feet. Clover was in the background laughing so hard, that she had fallen on the floor kicking her legs up.

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It's always nice to see my honey bunny," Sam cooed, giving Danielle a kiss on the cheek, which she returned in kind.

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The Hottest Pranks of 2016 (GONE WILD) Best Prank Co...

Danielle shrugged her shoulders with a blush returning to her face. If you want, you can leave, and I'll let you know when Sam's calmed down so you can talk to her about what happened," Alex offered. Clover Lamoreaux was laying down on her couch with one of her best friends, Alex Vasquez playing video games on the other corner of the couch. Alex sighed and ran up the stairs to try and calm Sam down and stop her from possibly severely injuring Clover. Sam's going to freak if she found out about this," Alex warned, which Clover responded to by rolling her eyes.

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