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car wash tumblr
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This seems l like a weird thing to be passionate about, but I love these cups and you can pry them from my dead hands because they are the only cups I will ever use from now on. It's also just the right size, lightweight and easy to hold. The lids are easy to remove, pull off. I must have a cold drink when I go to sleep and I put it on my nightstand. I hand wash them I purchased 2. One more thing, when the package delivered, the box for the mug is falling a part, and the only protection for the mug was a very thing plastic wrap. I received them in a nice box with a sack inside which contained the container, a stainless steel straw inside the straw was the brush and the cap

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Caroline. Age: 29.
car wash tumblr

I really liked the handle too.

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Meredith. Age: 22.
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I cannot tell u how many brands I have tried. You can throw a couple of them in your bag and not have to worry about it! Spilling things is kind of my thing. This cup arrived with what I thought was covered in filth but upon touching the product with my finger it is not dirt but rather stained and the stainless steel on the bottom is scratched. I bought 4 these at full listed price The opening for the straw, has as small opening so if it falls sideways, liquid will come out. The top is tight and leak proof which is amazing.

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