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According to TheWeedBlog :. On the other hand, sativa helps heighten the sexual shenanigans in your brain and, users report, can be like a melding between mind and genitals. In other words, the perfect system to partner with a weed that was bred to get you out of your head and into your autonomous functions. Meaning, after a little dab or two, a female object of affection may in fact be more likely to want to have sex with you! In those shining moments, I'm able to truly let go of the Catholic guilt I was brought up under and just enjoy myself.

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naked girls smoke weed

Like any edible experience , the key to finding sexual bliss from a weed brownie is dosage.

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For one lady friend, marijuana was integral to a year of incredible high sex with her hot boyfriend. Weed commonly provides a de-stressing outlet, which can allow participants to set aside outside factors and be more sexually present. I'm not saying I need to be high to enjoy myself in bed. Not only does the THC raise a woman's drive to have sex, says accepted lit wisdom, it also heightens her sexual experience. But which will make you more horny?

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