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catwoman seduces batman
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With Batman busy, Catwoman plans on stealing from Strange's vault. She was then about to be executed by Two-Face in the courthouse in front of his henchmen, both due to her previous theft and as a means to ensure Two-Face would rise in the ranks of Arkham City. Caring for own wellbeing above all, Selina went by less than favourable means to survive growing up on the streets of Gotham from a young age, such as looting and stealing. Fleeing, Catwoman fought her way through guard after guard to the safety of a nearby roof. As Hugo Strange divulges through Arkham City Patient Files, Selina has a deep distrust towards men due to her own father abandoning her from childhood.

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catwoman seduces batman

With Batman busy, Catwoman plans on stealing from Strange's vault.

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Catwoman Seduces Batman (Rebirth)

Although originally adopting cat burglary as means of survival, Selina grew to enjoy the thrill of the chase and continued to steal further for no other reason than sheer thrill-seeking. Two weeks later, after a riot broke out, Catwoman was forced to alter her plans after Batman arrived at the prison. She remarks how she knew he was going to say that, but nonetheless lets him go. Batman told her to give up on her loot and leave town before it was too late. She then had to fight off several Riddler-bots and fend off against traps.

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