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I just came across this page. That morning she was just a mere B cup and now she had to guess was a plump DD and her thick ass was now stretching those poor pants to their limits. Angela has left for work this morning with her work uniform fitting her small body perfectly. Soon after the pants her panties snapped off. Alexis unclapse her own pink bra and puts on the red one which is of course a tight fit. Vote now: Which image would you guys like me to write a story for - First image , Second image , Third image or Her breast quickly outgrew the bra while her ass ripped her shorts and panties.

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Athena. Age: 31.
d cups tumblr

Alexis knew exactly what she was thinking and answered it for her.

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Hadley. Age: 24.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

None of her clothes will fit over it now so Amy asked for Brit to let her have all her pants, shorts and panties and she happily agreed. Her shirt started to get tighter too and she took it off, her already lacy bra that was a cup size to small looked even smaller as her breast were bulging out the cups. Brit loved her huge ass but to watch Amy outgrow those pants she would give it up. Samantha was getting ready to go out partying. After the kiss she felt the girl she invited over start reaching for her ass. Which image would you guys like me to write a story for - Strawpoll. Brit saw that Amy was enjoying all this as she felt where Amy was sitting on her get a little wet.

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