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The scene looked like there were two of the same people in the room, and the one hovering horizontally trying to re-connect with the other. It was a little bit after PM when I heard that an older person on the fifth floor had passed away due to heart failure. Seeing the girl dancing around as carelessly as she was, I would never assume that she had suffered from an anxiety disorder. It was just a black void in that room. Then a small white faced creature flew up like lightning in front of the window and I jumped back.

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It was at that moment when I heard the sound from the night before.

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That creature left in image of it in my head which glowed an eerie white glow and smiled at me. She drew me a picture of her friends that I had asked her about earlier in the week. I cleaned those prints up quickly and thought someone must have been using too much foot powder. It was just a black void in that room. I walked down the long and dimly lit hallway; the silence of my footsteps clapped softly as I quickened my pace.

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