Mako from legend of korra

mako from legend of korra
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Mako is shown to be good with paper-work and navigation due to his pragmatic life-style. He also helped Korra on other occasions, such as stopping Unalaq from freeing Vatuu and becoming the Dark Avatar, defeating the Red Lotus and stopping their goals of anarchy, and ending Kuvira 's reign of her Earth Empire order. Mako, with the help of his teammates, was able to lead the team to second place in the championship. With no way of knowing about, much less contacting his relatives, Mako became the patriarch of his family and his early life was spent searching for ways to support himself and his brother as orphans. Bolin was happy for the idea as soon as he heard it, but Mako was hesitant to allow a walk-in. Mako's main ability is firebending.

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mako from legend of korra

Mako and Bolin would find that Korra had just come to Republic City.

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Mako (The Legend of Korra)

The only practical way for Mako to keep himself and Bolin fed was to resort to crime, petty at first but later the two perfected con-games to make money without needing to resort to violence. But Tenzin, who had come in to see the match, saw Korra adapt to bending styles needed in the heat of the match, leading Korra and Tenzin to decide that Pro-bending with Mako and Bolin was perhaps the best way of giving her the training she needed to adapt to airbending and become a full avatar. While Mako inherited his mother's looks and gained the ability to firebend, his brother, Bolin had more Earth Nation traits and sure enough also turned out to be an earthbender. The two began a new legitimate life, with a solid roof over there heads and the local gangsters now closed off to them. Since Tenzin did not know how to train someone without an airbender mind-set Korra and he were stomped. Mako is shown to be good with paper-work and navigation due to his pragmatic life-style.

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