Gumball and penny fanfic

gumball and penny fanfic
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Scrapes, sprains, broken glass, cardiac arrest, nothing could stop the sky-colored cat from doing what he loved: increasingly stupid stunts for the sake of amusement. She could just, you know, confess her feelings to Gumball like a sane person. Penny Fitzgerald paused briefly, waiting for a response that never came. She was in such a hurry that she almost tripped at least twice, but that didn't bother her. She'd seen this video, as well as all of Gumball's other videos, at least a dozen times before, but she didn't care.

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It made her want to poke at it.

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Penny Fitzgerald

Holding the pillow as tightly as ever, the peanut deer spun around with it in a couple of circles, showering it with affection and praise as though it were the incarnation of Gumball himself. Mentally cursing every second wasted for the tab to pop up, she hurriedly clicked on the address box and typed in the fateful words, the site where she would find all the joy she could possibly need. Takes place before The Shell, in case it wasn't obvious. And when that failed, she could at least admire Gumball's body. So, of course, Penny had to keep it in. It made her want to poke at it.

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