Katie couric swimsuit photos

katie couric swimsuit photos
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But also, four-inch heels might convey power for Couric because without them, she's itty bitty -- which is high among the reasons why she's struggled to be taken seriously throughout her career. Unapologetically, forcefully, I-dare-you, sexy. Pure grit -- that's the explanation. Fashion, in this sense, is power. Physically, Katie Couric comes across as the kind of person for whom hot pink capri pants with tiny embroidered palm trees were invented.

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Annabel. Age: 22.
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Esther. Age: 29.
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Katie Couric Beach Photos -- Katie Couric Rocks a Swimsuit!

Talking about those things is Givhan's job, granted -- but what excuse do the rest of us have? But is it really one leap for womankind? And this is apparently something to celebrate. A brief foray into Queen of Mean status notwithstanding, the adjective most often used to describe her is "perky. She looks like she's about 16 years old.

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