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Traditional Halloween imagery. As dark as Dishonored is, the game also has a sense of humour, including the ability to sign the guestbook at the party as yourself, despite potentially being the most wanted man in the city. Your target is Lady Boyle herself, the setting a lavish masked ball in her opulent mansion, and there are countless ways to complete your objective. But you walk away with a more unique experience. Esma, on the other hand, has an insatiable sexual appetite, and you can exploit this and have her lead you to her bedroom. We put so much work into it.

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And it helps that European cities, which inspired Dunwall, are inherently more organic than grid-like American ones.

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Lady Boyle

If your chaos level is high, some of the guests will sneeze, implying the plague is spreading more rapidly. One of the most interesting things about the level is the stark contrast between the starting area and the mansion. People are making money from housing projects in Detroit. I ask Smith if any ideas were scrapped before they made it into the final level. Signing the book as Corvo Attano feels almost perverse. We're currently tending to our review in progress for Dishonored 2, and it's shaping up to be a fine follow-up.

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