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A smirk present on his face. Trunks would no longer have to alleviate his longing through subtlety actions to make sure that no one caught wind of his amorous feelings for his mother. Trunks had just finished with her right breast. Just when he was then ripped away from the erotic dream. As he was searching within himself for a sufficient answer he ultimately came to his conclusion.

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The timing just wasn't quite right.

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So if you're interested in it be sure to be on the lookout for it when it eventually gets published. Trunks began leaving a trail of kisses starting from her right cheek then going down to her jawline, neck, and collarbone until he came upon one of her supple breast. And not his mother from his own time? Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. She didn't know how hard Trunks was fighting back his urges to devour her right then and there. Bulma leaned back so that she was looking Trunks directly within his eyes.

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