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Ratchet Regi, teaching you how to twerk through the night! Then the two girls started writhing up and down the stripper poles together. But despite the salacious reputation, Regi describes her life as "very chill. The most ratchet instance of her many unplanned strip sessions started as a pretty innocuous dance-off between her and a guy named Gay Aaron, who stays at the house occasionally to detox. It was clear to me in this moment that Regi was in her element. She became one of the house's permanent attractions after another of Mike's raging parties.

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Around and , Mike relied on a wild hillbilly lass named Buck to draw degenerate partygoers to the Castle.

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Like most alternative families, the Sausage Castle family is generally suspicious of newcomers. Regi never intended to move into the Sausage Castle. When I visited her and Mike at the Sausage Castle in October, numerous residents extolled her indecency to me — and these were people who were used to a certain amount of raunch. Buck rose to the challenge by inventing the Sausage Castle's infamous "ass omelette", which involves shooting an egg into someone's butthole. She bent over, with her ass in the air. I'm not entirely sure where it came from, but all of a sudden she was brandishing a live snake. Although Regi has given the Sausage Castle more attention and publicity than even Buck, she credits Mike for running the show, though others say she's important in her own way.

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