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The resorts describe themselves as places full of freedom, oases of "beauty and eroticism" wholeheartedly agree where "fantasies become reality" reality, indeed. Sexy shows every night, great food, and sensual experiences geared toward turning up the heat in your relationship? The first thing I saw was the sex swing that had been drilled into our ceiling while we were gone for barely an hour. Desire Riviera Maya and Pearl are all about creating an environment of openness, where people can explore their sexual desires in a safe, accepting place among like-minded people. We suddenly started having second thoughts about inviting our new couple friends along for what we stupidly, in hindsight believed to be the kind of silly striptease you see at bachelor parties that last all of 10 minutes. Even if it happens to be on public display, as is the case at the resorts, I'm down. This isn't a nudist resort where people mostly keep to themselves.

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It can even be a turn on for many people.

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Fast-forward back to the night we returned from dinner thinking we were getting a casual private dance in our suite. Most guests coming to resorts like these are generally knowledgeable about what occurs there. Our ignorance about what an "erotic couples massage" really means is a whole other story. I found myself in a pool-size sex spa full of guests — all completely nude — sandwiched in between one of the most attractive women I'd ever seen in real life and her boyfriend. But it wasn't exactly the experience we expected. Even if it happens to be on public display, as is the case at the resorts, I'm down.

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