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wrestling erotic stories
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Suddenly, she lunged at me, and my first thought was not to counter her, but to move my erection out of the way. She made two grabs for my balls, but got nowhere close. Amy grabbed her discarded clothes and slipped them on. For a second, I focused on trying to find some angle for my crotch so that a my balls would be safe from her grabbing hands, and b my erection wouldn't be ground into the floor. We loved all the same things - video games, basketball, making fun of dumb TV shows. And no, like, poking eyes or something. Amy gripped my balls a little harder, and I could feel the beginning of the sickening feeling that came right before true testicular agony.

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Megan. Age: 24.
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This time, I slapped her on the bare ass as I walked by, and she woofed in indignation.

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Alisha. Age: 24.
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Wrestling my stepsister

And no, like, poking eyes or something. Since both our parents worked, Amy and I had the house to ourselves in the summers. Amy walked over and patted me on the butt. Her nipple brushed my nose, but neither of us said anything. I turned over on my back so I could watch her while she worked. She had been exercising, and her arms and legs were slippery with sweat. But strangely, the thought didn't take away my arousal, and I just looked into her almond eyes and tried to take it like a man.

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