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Cum cascaded on her skin, splashing on the cold metal of the clamp, covering the bruises… Towering over her, as she was still unable to talk, I looked at her as another orgasm reaped what remained of her energy. What I like is either to face a challenge, to discover, go further, or knowing there is a thrill to get caught. Dropping on her bare breast. I just hope others will have a blast too! Among our teams coexist various backgrounds, various approach, knowledges, interests… Each as important for one or the other. A turmoil of leather, flesh and lingerie around us that became invisible. Holding her thighs spread, I straighten.

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Her last orgasm a sigh of pleased relief, as the belt loosen, leaving a red strip on her pale skin.

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Standing between her legs, I increased the pleasure. Senseless, smiling to the void, happy to get used. I just hope others will have a blast too! Ropes were underlining her. Tiredness left me even more mute than usual, with a sex drive on a historical low not from a lack of envy, but just my body choosing priorities for me , a grumpy temper and, worse, an inability to commit to my engagements toward her. Sitting before her, I started to pass my hand on this wet mess, smearing it slowly on her stomach, on her thigh, on her face… But right away, a renewed trickle of saliva started to reach her nipple, brief dampened step before falling on the now drenched floor. Rough, deep, impactful penetration.

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