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The younger bulls and females have brown pelage but the older males are almost jet black. Amegilla cingulata has a very striking appearance. A one-shot chance at 24mm focal length with on-camera flash for some fill. Pelicans plunge their bills into the water, using their pouches as nets. In my leopardskin trunks - sunbathing by pj's memories.

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One of the most striking features of gaur is the muscular ridge on its shoulders, which slopes down to the middle of the back where it ends in an abrupt dip.

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36 of the Greatest Summer Olympic Bulges

By the pool at the Kokalakis Hotel, Kefalos, Kos by pj's memories. Crete on Almourada Beach by pj's memories. Both parents share incubation and the eggs are incubated on their feet. Eggs are either laid in water, on underwater vegetation, or other water-filled cavities such as in bromeliads. It also has a hook at the end of the upper mandible, probably for gripping slippery food items. Both genders have broad, oblong heads with large, widely separated bulging eyes and very short antennae. The bay is managed by the National Trust.

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