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female worship tumblr
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The complete, perfect, mature woman always has two men in her life, one to fuck her normally the other to be queened by her, as her slave. In ancient Chinese courts one long tongued, trained male slave was used by female royalty and court ladies as casually as if they were going to the lavatory. He must also examine her anus ;with respect, in case she decides to have his nose inserted into it. Kneeling astride his face, with his eyes very close to her cunt, is a pleasant torment. Using her fingers to stretch her labia she is able to insist that he looks and learns. He must worship her genitals.

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She must teach him the way to kiss, lick and suck her sexually, with particular attention to her clitoris.

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Amber. Age: 24.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Riding the male face requires careful, skilful experience, as much as is required in learning to ride a horse. I must of been born in the wrong century…. She may have gained experience by dominating a younger brother, riding his face selfishly while their parents were asleep or away from home. Available only when SHE is in the mood for it It. The hip and buttocks movements are the key to success. Heaven help him if Madame did not orgasm satisfactorily. The perks of a Female led Relationship….

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