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Apex Legends A new battle royale experience. Girl Celebrity Beautiful celebrities, actresses, singers, models…. If you are not the rights owner or their authorized representative, we will not be able to process your report. Gaming We don't die, we respawn! History Rediscover the past. We only respond to reports sent to us from the person who's being impersonated or a representative of the person who's being impersonated ex: a parent. Crappy Design Design fails, bad design, asshole design, bad UX.

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Serenity. Age: 29.
luigi rule 34

We remove comments encouraging or promoting self injury, which includes suicide, cutting and eating disorders.

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Roselyn. Age: 25.
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League of Legends Welcome to the summoner's rift. We remove: Photos or videos of extreme graphic violence Posts that encourage violence or attack anyone based on their religious, ethnic or sexual background Specific threats of physical harm, theft, vandalism or financial harm. Report as illegal activities? What can I do if someone is impersonating me on 9GAG? We remove and may report to legal entity about: Posts promoting illegal activities, e. History Rediscover the past. We may also remove posts identifying victims of self injury if the post attacks or makes fun of them.

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