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Apart from that one, in my home City I have only ever been romantically involved with non Jews because I have never put in any effort to meet guys in London. It will always be a huge source of pain to me that I lost my grandpa when I was only seven. And we are very physically attracted to each other. I have always felt in my heart that I will not end up with a Jewish guy if I stay in London. In actuality I have been out with [romantically] quite a number of Jews since age 18, but only one has been during my times spent in London. I adored my grandma too, and am forever thankful that she was in my life until I was

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Felines and acting are some of her passions.

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And just being allowed to watch him pray was very special to me. Even more importantly, for the first time in my life I feel able to settle down romantically. He is a very kind and special soul, so I know he did what was best for him. We definitely had feelings for each other on some level. I completely ignored him throughout the three day course, and it was only after the course, the next day at work, that I discovered that he had asked one of the other females who knew me to find out if I was interested in him. Mum told me that I was the only one whom he ever let watch him daven, and that was a huge source of pride to me. Perhaps grandma and grandpa will send me a sign.

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