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The boys ran down the hallway, heading straight for the kitchen. They are slightly lighter than Islay malts and the smoke is softer. I swallowed, and slowly stepped into the room. The mouth feel is smooth and inviting, with a honeyed texture that goes perfectly with the vanilla sweetness. Honestly, Starz is about as inept as they come! This is Scotch that is distilled and matured in one distillery, in Scotland, for a minimum of three years and a day.

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The rule goes that if there is an E in the name of the country, then they will use an E to spell whisky.

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The fruits are rich and full of flavour, with a nod towards more delicate, floral notes along the way. The grains are repeatedly turned to ensure there is consistency. The region that a Scotch is made in will usually denote the flavour profile of the whisky, although this is not true for every single distillery. The act of blending is literally the act of combining the whiskies, but it has to be done in a very specific way, otherwise the result will not taste so great. Speyside has around 42 working distilleries, making it the most distillery dense part of Scotland. In recent years they have become known for their inventive use of casks, sourcing the best wood to mature their malt in.

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