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The character loses them before they can take them, though. I have found that the BBFC tend to be quite vague and inconsistent in their tags. Very Strong Language is based on my own system and does not necessarily reflect the tags the BBFC or other national equivalent use. This is the difficult part. Outbreak Company Categories: Comedy. The large cast was one of the biggest criticisms of Angel Beats! Of course, he uses it to cheat on every test, get into a prestigious high school and even get the most popular girl in said school as his girlfriend.

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However, his dream-life is cut short when he is forced to transfer by the student council president of another high school.

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Kaitlyn. Age: 29.
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Staff List Animation Production: P. Outbreak Company Categories: Comedy. Mild Horror One scene features a psychotic character carrying a box cutter and advancing on another character. I should think that any piece of literature that dabbles in time-travel will inevitably suffer flaws, inconsistencies and shaky logic. The large cast was one of the biggest criticisms of Angel Beats! Beyond the Boundary Categories: Drama. His actions are always met with a solid takedown.

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