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Overview of Child Maltreatment. Risk may be higher with any of the following:. Contents of the Female Pelvis. Routine testing includes a pregnancy test and serologic tests for syphilis, hepatitis B, and HIV; if done within a few hours of rape, these tests provide information about pregnancy or infections present before the rape but not those that develop after the rape. Anger may be displaced onto hospital staff or family members. An antiemetic may help if nausea develops.

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Cecelia. Age: 32.
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Usually, a fixed-dose combination of zidovudine ZDV mg and lamivudine 3TC mg is given bid for 4 wk if exposure appears low risk.

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Jasmin. Age: 30.
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Medical Examination of the Rape Victim

Demographic data about the patient Name, address, and phone number of the guardian if the patient is under age Name of police officer, badge number, and department Date, time, and location of examination. Males who are raped are more likely than females to be physically injured, to be unwilling to report the crime, and to have multiple assailants. The pathophysiology of the disorder is incompletely understood. Name, address, and phone number of the guardian if the patient is under age. Many types of evidence collection kits are available commercially, and some states recommend specific kits. Explain the benefits of a rape evaluation, which the patient can consent to or decline; ask the patient's permission before beginning the examination and explain what each step involves and why it is being done.

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